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Mallstuck outline

Karkat Vantas- 19 year-old manager of Spencer's located in the second floor of the mall in the north-west wing. He often yells at customers when they are inside the store for more than what he considers enough time, which is about ten seconds. He despises his location in the mall, across from Build-a-Bear and Claire's, he constantly has little kids and whinny teenage girls running in and out of the store, complaining about the crude sayings on most of the merchandise. He secretly has the hots for the manager of Hot Topic, the store directly below his, and not so secretly despises the manager of Build-a-Bear, an overly happy and derpy human boy who always bugs him.

Sollux Captor- 18 year-old assistant manager of Game-stop, which is located on the second floor of the mall diagonal from Build-a-Bear and a few stores to the left of Spencer's. He started working in the store less than three months ago, but was quickly promoted due to his amazing abilities with computers and the games. He is often found working the counter and telling customers' cheat-cheats about the games they purchase, not that they ever understand him due to his 'lithp'. His best friend is Karkat, or as he calls him, 'KK', and often is forced to sit through his friend's ranting all through their lunch hour.

Aradia Megido- 18 year-old cashier at Sonic, located in the central food court on the second floor. Aradia dislikes being an employ at the most popular fast-food restaurant because she is always busy, running back and forth in the little space between counter and kitchen to take and give orders. She has only been working at the mall for a month, being the newcomer to the mall world, and so far doesn't have many friends, though she seems to like it that way. She is the only mall worker who leaves the mall for her lunch break, seeing as she KNOWS what goes on backstage in those food court restaurants.

Nepeta Leijon- 17 year-old manager of the pet store 'Bark-Bark-Meow' located on the first floor of the mall, right beside Hot Topic. Her pet store has mainly cats and puppies, but she also has rabbits, snakes, lizards, fish and many other types, even though the shop seems to be overrun with cats and kittens she lets roam free around the store. She is a tiny girl, no taller than maybe 5 feet tall and is always wearing a long green trench coat and a blue cat-hat. She is best friends with the manager of 'Sports-and-Outdoor', which is located at the end of the hall, though she admits to having a tiny bit of a crush on him.

Kanaya Maryam- 19-year old manager and owner of 'Virgo Designs', a clothing store stocked full of merchandise that she creates. Her store is located on the bottom floor in the north-east wing of the mall, and always has people in it. She is tall and quite, always wearing a plain black shirt with her zodiac sign on it and her long red skirt. She is best-friends with the owner of the store across the hall, 'Knitting Surplus'. She is the most mature of all the mall employees, and is always the one to settle arguments and petty disagreements at the employee meetings.

Tavros Nitram- 18-year-old manager of 'Earthbound Trading Company'. He is shy and has a pretty bad stutter, though he never lets that get him down. His store is located upstairs right beside the central food court, right beside 'Makara Pies', an interesting bakery his best friend owns. He spends most of his time playing with the hermit crabs in his store, coaxing them to come out of their shells in his shaking voice.

Terezi Pyrope- 19-year-old Manager of Hot Topic, located down stairs in the north-west wing of the mall, directly below Spencer's. She is utterly blind, due to an untimely 'accident' involving bleach and a pissed of spider bitch, and is almost always found licking the computer by the cash register or the merchandise. She makes crude remarks and is always patronizing her customers. Many times a day you will go to Hot Topic and find the doors closed, Terezi hanging out in either the pet store with her best FLARPing buddy, Nepeta, or in Victoria's Secret, where her best hate-friend works. Almost everyone is surprised she hasn't been fired despite her negligence with the store, or because she is always pulling pranks.

Vriska Serket- 19-year-old manager of Victoria's Secret, located in the north east corner of the second floor of the mall. She spends most of her time scaring the shit out of the customers and pulling pranks with her best hate-friend, Terezi. She has one robotic arm and lost her vision eight fold in her left eye do to an 'accidental' explosion in which one blind troll was involved. She has a very obvious crush on the manager of Build-a-Bear and can often be found eating her lunch in his store, distracting him from work while she eats.

Equius Zahhak- 19-year-old manager of 'Sports-and-Outdoors', located down the hall from the food court, one of the large department stores at the end of the mall. He has a tendency to break the cash-register and use the blankets to mop up his copious amount of sweat he produces every day. He can usually be found sitting behind his counter at the back of the store where they keep the guns and bait, petting a cat that his best moirail gave him a few months ago, the only thing he has managed to touch and hold without breaking. He often spends his lunch breaks with Nepeta at her store, closing it to eat their lunches and talk in peace. More than once he has had to look at her shipping wall as she explains it in too much detail to him.

Gamzee Makara- 20-year-old owner and manager of 'Makara Pies' a little bakery that sells nothing but soupor slime pies. To say the least, he never has any customers, but he's usually to drugged up on his own pies to notice. He often wanders away from his bakery and into Earthbound to 'hang with his best bro', Tavros, helping him coax the 'little bros', or hermit crabs, from their shells, or re-painting shells for the Hermit crabs.

Eridan Ampora- 19-year-old manager of 'Scarvves-R-Us', a store dedicated to the sole purpose of selling scarves. His store often looks like a barren waste land of scarves, seeing as people avoid the store and its owner like the plague. It's actually not that strange, once you get to know the… interesting character that owns the store. He tries to find a romantic relationship with anything that moves, and because he can't, he is a very desperate person, with only one friend, the girl who co-owns the baby-sitting center beside his own store.

Feferi Peixes- 19-year-old co-owner of the 'Grubs and Tots Play Stop', a place where parents could dump their children under the age of ten to be watched by two 19 year-old girls. She loves her job, and loves playing with the little kids the best. They always tell their parents they want to see Fef, as they call her, again soon. Feferi often is found in the little section for the 0 months-4 years, reading or playing with the little kids as her partner chased the 5-10 year olds around. She has a bit of a crush on Sollux, and is Eridan's only friend. She is also the daughter of the mall's owner, and sole 'heir' to the building when he passes on. Kinda like a mall princess.

Jade Harley- 18 year-old co-owner of the 'Grubs and Tots Play Stop'. Unlike her partner, Feferi, Jade enjoys her job, but only to a certain point. She like she days when Feferi Is sick and she gets to watch the little kids the most, seeing as the older ones she usually watches are slightly wild and rambunctious. However, she forces a smile when she must and cares for the older kids, dreading the days when school is out during the summer and the Play Stop and stuffed with kids.

John Egbert- 19 year-old manager of the Build-a-Bear in the mall. He greatly enjoys his job and working with the little kids, even if he sometimes plays little pranks, such as 'Accidently' putting too much stuffing in the bears and those sort of things. He has a tendency to spend his lunch hour with Vriska in Victoria's Secret, even if it makes him feel slightly uncomfortable being in a bra and underwear store. With his job and 'fresh meat' coming into the mall every day, his prankster's gambit is higher than ever.

Rose Lalonde- 19-year-old owner and manager of 'Knitting Surplus'. She sells mainly fabrics, even if you don't use fabrics when knitting, and needles, though there are tons of other things in her store. Her number one customer is Kanaya, who often comes over to buy new fabrics and things for her designs and clothing. Rose is a very quiet and calm individual, who spends her lunch hours with Kanaya in the employee's lounge, which is usually desolate save for Dave and occasionally Jade.

Dave Strider- 19-year-old 'ironic' manager of Icing, the girly store that sells almost anything from earrings to fluffy boas. He is only the manager because of the irony in it, though he admits he doesn't mind seeing the teenage girls check him out. Even if, in his mind, he is already spoken for. He is often found in 'Bro's DJ Surplus', a record and turntables store his older brother owns, and can also be found at the 'Grubs and Tots Play Stop' when Jade suckers him into helping her.
So, I decided to create a Homestuck AU

And with that, I came up with MallStuck, a land in which each and every troll/human has some job at a mall.... a few more happily than others. I know this is a massive wall of text. I was going to seperate it into three descriptions per thing.... But then Kaykay got lazy :/

So I have this >:]

Also, due to the fact I am a writer and have exactly -100 drawing skills, if there is someone who would like to illustrate the AU, then feel free to message me about it.

Also, there will be a story about this soon... Very soon hopefully.
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becka1099 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015
This sounds amazing! You should write it if you have the time.
kaykayray1 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013
SO yeah, you remember that one time, like almost a year ago I promised this would be posted in three days? I lied. But hey, first chapter is done!
kaykayray1 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012
Lol, thanks again :) Believe it or not, I am actually working on this, no matter how long it has been since I posted this >.< The first chapter should be up within 3 days.
LooneyLune Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:icondeargodplz: I want......

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Lol, Thanks guys :) I have been away for... A while, and am going to jump back on this soon!! if you wanna draw, you have my full permission!! :)
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This.. Sounds... AMAZING! :D now..I kinda want to draw lol
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I lost my shit at Scarvves'R'Us

All of it.
skittymitty Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
This seems awesome *o* make the first chapter of it soon please! o:!!
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